What is an Unit-Linked Life Insurance

Unit-Linked Life Insurance is a life insurance policy that helps investors to accumulate capital by combining insurance cover with investment in funds. Policies are available in various currencies. Unit-linked life insurance allows insurance holders to benefit from the performance of the investment funds they have chosen.

At maturity, the client receives the value of the fund units, paid in the currency of the policy.

Unit-Linked Life Insurance

In the event of death before maturity of the policy, the guaranteed lump sum payable at death is paid to the beneficiary. If the value of the fund units exceeds the guaranteed death benefit, the higher amount is paid out.

Right of Redemption

Fund units can, in principle, be sold back to the management company on any day at the current net asset value. Some alternative investment funds may be exception to this rule.

Net Asset Value (NAV)

The net asset value of an investment fund unit is the market value of the fund on a specified date, less liabilities and divided by the number of unit certificates issued. The net asset value is generally calculated and published on a daily or monthly basis.

What is Whole Life Insurance?

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