Triversification - The Key for Success

In addition to an unprecedented diversification across different asset classes and investment instruments, my life solution also considers geographical aspects of investment.

Based on the regulations within the European Economic Area (EEA), all the benefits of the liberal financial location of Liechtenstein will be used as part of my life insurance policy design (privilege principles):

• The unique Investment Privilege will be used to benefit from secure free access to all asset classes.

• Through the Tax Privilege all taxes on the investment returns will be deferred during the investment period.

• The Confidentiality Privilege provides investors with the highest level of confidentiality and guarantees and protects their assets against unauthorized access.

• Under certain circumstances can the Bankruptcy Privilege protect investor’s assets from falling into the bankruptcy mass.

• Many inheritance and gift tax aspects can be optimized through Inheritance Privilege allowing individual estate planning and capital transfer.

Return from Triversification to MyLife insurance policy

„Investors today are very careful. Many are tired of the promises and high management fees of banks and investment houses. Popularity of our alternative solutions is increasing continuously. Many of our customers have started at small contracts and are now coming back with larger investments. More and more qualified brokers adopt our timely investment philosophy and become part of our sales network.“

Rolf B. Pieper

European Sales Manager
Mandare AG