Terra Metal Fund

Information Sheet

terra metal fund

  • Mainly physical investment in strategic and rare earth metals
  • Active management invests in metals with limited supply but steady worldwide demand
  • Storage in a top-secret entrepôt in Switzerland
  • Protection against inflation and high appreciation potential

Transparent Strategy

Which metals are becoming rare and which ones are expecting strongly increasing demand?

Depending on the availability, these metals are purchased and stored: gallium, indium, rhenium, tantalum, antimony, neodymium, yttrium, molybdenum, tellurium, bismuth.

As a matter of course developments in the research sector as well as the expansion of the capacity of mines will be considered for investment decisions.

Protection Against Inflation

An investment in real and tangible assets secures a solid protection against inflation. The limited supply and the worldwide proceeding technologization (iPad, flat-screens, etc.) cause steadily increasing demand even in tendentially weak periods of the global economy.

Physical Ownership

As a very outstanding feature the fund does not deal with paper but it stores real assets. To do this more cost-efficient, the storage takes place in a top-secret entrepôt in Switzerland. Due to the fact that the majority of the traded earth-metals currently do not have any derivates or warrants in the financial markets, the overheating of the price and thus a formation of a bubble without any bonding to the fundamental value is very unlikely.

What Will Be More Expensive Within Ten Years?

Stocks? Real Estate? Perhaps, but without any doubt we will see that raw materials such as oil and strategic metals and also food will be more expensive. The world’s population is growing. The seven-billion frontier was exceeded in 2011. In 2050 there will be nine billions of people willing to be mobile, consuming energy, communicating and being updated with the latest information. Raw materials are inevitable; for the production of modern wind engines, solar thermal systems, flat-screens, mobile phones or touch pads. This knowledge generates profit for the fund on the one hand, on the other hand it secures the raw material supply for the industry, which will be the most important client in the future.

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