Solid Anchor Fund (SAF)

An alternative fund of fund able to transform your paper money into tangible assets, ADAPTING itself to the external environment and be of YOUR SOLID ANCHOR in financial storms and crises to come.

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Solid Anchor Fund

Key Features

• Fund of funds of our best alternative funds
• The fund has daily liquidity
• Invests 40-60 % in tangible assets
• All weather fund - dynamic allocation
• Predictable and stable returns
• Target 8 -12 % year over 3-5 years period
• Internally de-correlated funds with financial efficiency

Transfer Your Paper Assets Into Tangible Value

Performance: YTD -7,12% (last update: 03.10.2013)
ISIN: LI0123394830
Product Initiator: mandare AG / LVG AG
Investment-Manager: CAIAC Fund Management AG
(30 years of internationally recognized expertise)

Solid Anchor Fund - My Alternative Investment Solition in Times of Crisis from Liivo Leismann

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