Life Insurance Policy as investment wrapper

MyLife Insurance Policy

Only few investment products have fulfilled investor’s expectations in the global economic crisis. One notable exception is the my life multi-asset investment concept.

my life insurance policy makes it possible for normal retail investors to invest (in small amounts) in all asset classes (including the most coveted area of wealth generation - precious metals and other alternative investments) and own those assets directly (unique Liechtenstein laws protect investors from counter-part risk of the financial intermediaries). See all the my life advantages HERE

Asset Protection via Liechtenstein Life Insurance from Liivo Leismann

Advantages of my life:

• access to ALL investment classes
• free and flexible alternative multi asset allocation
• minimum investment of 10,000 EUR
• strict asset segregation and protection
• tailored asset management
• significant tax benefits
• bank and insurance secrecy
• familial wealth transfer advantages

Crisis-proof investments
positive returns in all market situations

Through combining anti-correlated asset classes, alternative investment instruments - my life concept provides investors an opportunity for flexible and adequate reaction in every market situation. All this takes place within one easy and inclusive tool - my life insurance policy. The investment funds connected to the policy are especially designed to address the cyclical nature of markets. Find out HOW

Liechtenstein Life Insurance Advantages

Asset Protection in Liechtenstein Life Insurance

What is an Unit-linked Life Insurance

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