LVG AG (Liechtenstein)

LVG AG is an international independent Marketer, Promoter, Product Creator and Developer, Commercial Intermediary, Business Introducer and Recruiter for alternative investment solutions and concepts. Also a marketing co-coordinator for the alternative investment fund -
"Solid Anchor Fund"

We can help with:

ALTERNATIVE INVESTMENTS: tangible assets based & inflation-proof solutions for retail and professional investors, life insurance companies, family offices, fund managers and international platforms to benefit from the largest ongoing wealth opportunity of recent decades. Investment opportunities in precious metals, wine, art, diamonds, collectible watches, timber, rare earth and strategic metals, etc.

GOLD & SILVER BULLION: physical ownership solutions in the form of modern bullion coins and bullion bars. Access to the highest integrity of product within a transparent wholesale environment.

ASSET PROTECTION: geographical diversification, legal structuring, tax deferral, highest discretion & bankruptcy protection. Variety of solutions for asset management and world-wide estate planning - including set up of unrivaled Liechtenstein trust (foundation) and company structures.

BANK INTRODUCTIONS & LOMBARD LOANS: get a credit on your existing portfolio from leading Swiss & Liechtenstein banks at Euribor +1,5%.

Contact Us:

Landstrasse 60
Vaduz 9490
Tel: +423 2301210
Fax: +423 2301212

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