Forestry Growth Fund

Information Sheet

forestry growth fund

  • Investments into renewable raw material – wood, in sustainable plantations
  • Teak as an especially valuable and damage proof variety of wood
  • Minimum correlation with traditional low volatility financial markets
  • Highest investment protection in base funds together with securing real value

Forestry Growth Fund (FGF) invests 90% of the base funds of Global Forestry Growth Fund into commercially sustainable wood plantations, land and into the world's biggest teak plantation in Brazil, in the region of Mato Grosso, which is also based on private capital.

Here, the investors profit from 18 year long forestry experience as a sustainable, secure, ethically and socially responsible investment.

Wood, which is the only renewable raw material and whose value has constantly been growing over the past 10, 40 and 100 years, is becoming a more relevant investment object. FGF is the right partner who helps you optimally use all the opportunities in the chain of creating forestry related values.

Growth Prospects of the Market in the Future

Global forestry, with its demand for ca 1.8 billion cubic meters of wood in 2010, indicates significant growth. During the next decade, the above figure should grow to 2.1 billion cubic meters. This tendency is influenced by a growing demand, the global trend aimed against illegal logging, the quality of Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) and population growth. Here, in the situation when markets are growing, an important role is also played by an increased demand for consumer goods and furniture in economically fast growing countries.

Minimum Correlation, Minimum Risk

High volatility is often the sign and risk factor of traditional investment markets. Security and stability is achieved, these days, with the help of alternative investments also in the case of a classical portfolio. Here also belong special real value investments, for example, investments into forestry. Such investments have a weak correlation with classical investment markets and they increase assets for many years and are strong as far as profitability is concerned. Surveys have indicated that thanks to forestry as a part of the portfolio, the ratio between profitability and risk in the portfolio improves in the long run.

Longevity and Liquidity

Investing into forestry and wood has conceptually a longterm character. The more sustainable and constant the foundation of plantations is, the better the profit outlook. In addition to that, there is in FGF, as an umbrella fund and thanks to an additional internal liquidity plan, a weekly opportunity to trade in units. Through the base fund Global Forestry Growth Fund, which offers all the advantages for a sustainable investment into real value, but which offers investors only a long-term investment opportunity, accumulation opportunities can be realized.

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