Alternative Investment Themes

Precious Metals – “money of kings”

Gold has a 5000 years history of protecting your purchasing power. Because of weak new supply of physical precious metals (like gold and silver) and exploding worldwide demand this asset class will probably be the best performer of the next decade.

Wine – investment in the world’s most prestigious wines

Not only a passion but also a fully decorrelated and highly rewarding tangible asset class. Wine has always been considered as a nectar both precious and delicious, which we also use as a remedy and beverage. But wine is much more. It is synonymous with truth, a way of living, charm and especially pleasure. Gone is the time when it was reserved for a privileged minority.

Modern Art – irreplaceable unleveraged tangible asset

History has proven that a “buy and hold” strategy in art protectsagainst inflation and is fully decorrelated from traditional financial assets. Art has outperformed equities and other asset classes in the long run. The supply for museum-quality Post-War art from deceased/non-producing artists is limited, paired with ever increasing demand by museums.

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