7 Reasons Why Zuricher Kantonalbank ETF’s are different from most of the other ETF's (often called "paper gold")

1) Country specific security aspects of Switzerland – non member of EU and NATO; ca 800 years of track record as an independent country.

2) Züricher Kantonalbank is a leading Swiss bank with AAA rating and has a government guarantee.

3) ZKB Gold ETF is one of the two unique Gold ETF’s in the world that allows redemption in gold (the second one is Julius Baer). The payment in kind in gold applies to standard gold bars of 12.5 kg with 995/1000 (or more) purity.

4) Züricher Kantonalbank is one of the world largest owners of physical precious metals and stores metals in their own vaults. This makes them a solid counterparty. If an investor wants to hold metals for trading purposes only, he has an exit opportunity at any time. Because of the high liquidity and low cost (no additional storage or insurance fees) it is a very easy and strong option.

5) Züricher Kantonalbank is not part of the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA). This gives them the freedom to not participate in the politically motivated obligatory “gold swaps” orchestrated by the western monetary authorities.

6) Züricher Kantonalbank allows regular independent third party auditing. Auditors are allowed to visit the vaults and certify that the reserves in the vaults are matching with balances on their books (products sold to their customers).

7) While investing into the white metals (silver, platinum, and palladium) over ZKB you are fully invested into the physical metal without losing VAT on your acquisition price.

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